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We truly believe if a company treats its customers
right, they will be repeat customers.

There are a lot of companies in our area that give
our industry a bad name. Absolute Air Comfort's
goal is to make a better name for the air
conditioning service sector.

We will arrive on time, properly diagnose your
system, and present you with the options to get
your system running the way it was designed to
We do not charge by the hour. We have a low service call that covers our
trip to your home and the time involved to correctly assess the problem(s)
with your air conditioning system. We will present pricing options up front so
there are no surprises. If hired to do the repair, we credit the service call fee
toward the air conditioner repair.

This method of pricing before we start has proven to be a favorite for our
customers. Also, we are priced far below our competitors for the services
that are performed. We have low overhead as we are a family based
business and do not have the costs associated with running a larger
air conditioner repair company.